Once you’ve realized your business needs a website, you need to ask yourself who you should hire to build it. Should I get a freelancer and get a website for less? Or spend more to get a professional web design company? Well, you are not alone; others have also faced this dilemma.

Starting a new website is not an easy task as it seems. It takes a lot of commitment, planning and strategizing in order for it to work towards your business goals. That means it’s very important to choose the right people who will be in charge of your online presence.

To help you with your decision making, here’s an overview about the pros and cons of hiring a freelancer and a professional web design company:




  • Fast turnover – They could work fast and give you the output soon.
  • Affordable – Hiring a freelancer is cheaper compared to a web design company because they work from their own shelves, and they do not have a big overhead cost.
  • Available anytime – Probably one of the best benefits of having a freelancer is the flexibility of their time. You can send immediate tasks or contact them at anytime. No need to wait for office hours.
  • Great for small websites.


  • Too specialized – They are too specialized that they may not be able to do things beyond their expertise thus they still need to outsource others to accomplish the task.
  • Communication reliability – Freelancers can leave their clients and drop their projects anytime to suit their needs. They are not usually conscious about their reputation as they could get another client to work with.
  • Quality assurance and maintenance – Freelancers tend to overload themselves and work on projects for several clients, thus you may not receive the undivided work attention you need. When a freelancer is overloaded there is a tendency to receive a decrease in performance level and quality output.
  • Slow revision process – It’s more important for them to take more projects from other clients, so revisions are sometimes delayed.
    • There is a tendency that they will not be open to the client about the “dark sides” of the website and its usability to avoid unpaid revisions.


Web Design Company:



  • Fast turnover – Comprised of highly skilled employees who will work on your website thus ensuring fast turnover without compensating the quality.
  • Great for any website – Companies have highly skilled employees and great expertise based on wide experiences so they could do any website you want.
  • Good consultation, usability revision and very reliable – Companies have high regard for their reputation to attract more clients. Thus they communicate well and are very open to the needs of their clients in order to produce high quality complete websites.
  • Workforce and good maintenance – The workforce of web design companies are usually comprised of employees skilled on different areas. They’ve got every skill needed to create all sorts of websites. Due to different experiences they could maintain your website without trouble.
  • Most companies tend to develop a long term partnership with their clients thus making your web design services less costly compared to being on a cycle of getting rid of a freelancer and hiring a new one again.

These are some helpful points that you could consider to help you decide when faced with the dilemma of choosing between a freelance web developer and a professional web developer.