Its simply amazing these days, that no matter how much work we do in the internet – that we are still so open to using the internet for other purposes as well. There is WIFI or 3G access everywhere and even cellphones allow you to create content these days — and what that truly implies is that generally, its a great time for you to start re-inventing your website.

The New Website

What we knew in 2009 is already considered obsolete, with new horizons and zeniths , websites are the center for all company or business information. The new website allows for compatibility between

1. Content Generation and Management

WordPress websites has made everyone lives involved in creating content much easier. A password and login – that’s about the only hard thing you need to remember here. When you are through, its time to start writing to the world or at least to your niche. You maybe on vacation and a hundred miles from office but you can start working on ideas anywhere and anytime. Although you will not necessarily need to publish things right away, you have the option to save drafts for revisions, approvals and then publish your content.

The new modern websites allow you to control every aspect of your website from widgets, buttons and multi-media and not just pages.

2. Social Media Connection

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube – These are household names these days and your new website can allow your website to be connected to these social media systems. You will not need to be in these systems at 4 different times – you can actually access them through your website. APIs and XML allow for so much information flow between social media systems and the main website.  Publishing on your website can automatically trigger you other systems to fetch data from your website.  Another great reason to re-think about how you can re-invent your website

3. Internet Marketing in its most creative forms

SEO and Emailing, some true classical forms of Internet Marketing are morphing to be more creative and challenging. The New Website allows for SEO editing to be hassle free, SEO strategies can be marked clearly and results can be tracked very efficiently using Google Analytics and other 3rd party software. Email blasts can come right from your own website through a modern CRM — creating, editing and blasting emails have become a norm these days right from your own website backend.

4. Entertainment and Insight

Certain API and XML also allow for you to cater to your Niche by being able to relate better to them. The internet is full of information – it is not practical for anyone to relate to all the content out there. Your new website can allow you to cater to some of the whims and fancies of your niche through amazing forums and Blog-sites enhanced with entertainment and insights that`s just right for your customers so that they see your website as a hub for all information relevant to their lives.

5. Device Compatibility

Responsive website designs are allowing for a single solution for all mobile and desktop formats. These website conform and respond to their screen environments. Screens on mobile devices are small and these designs allows users to still view the website in an enriched manner without having to compromise on the size of the text or navigation. These website allow for an as–easy access for mobile users.


If you haven’t done much with your website since 2009, it is already a sign that you havent been able to use your website in its most enterprising way. Its a great time to start re-inventing your web system. Call us at 516-874-4777 or contact us and we can start looking at a few things
for you.