Build It and They Will Come

It’s quite evident that many people are still entrenched in the myth of online success through a compelling website design. People assume that just by building a website with good visual aesthetics, it will do the magic. It could happen, but it’s not always the case.

There are many websites created for every possible niche you can think of.
With countless other online businesses ready to kick you out of the competition, how are you going to communicate the value proposition or (in this case: satisfaction for a search term) effectively to existing and potential customers?

Decision Making Process

Decision making is a day to day activity for any individual; and most of the time, it is tough. In a decision making process, a consumer chooses a course of action from a few other likely options. She/he goes into a process of evaluating products, services, packages and inclusions. She/he will also evaluate the performance and credibility of the vendor. The vendor that will get the business is the one that is able to build a good and favorable rapport.

As you develop a marketing strategy for your website, you must understand the entire phase of the customer decision journey.

Value Proposition

Every action you ask a customer to take should involve a value proposition. An effective value proposition should meet and satisfy a need, as perceived by the customer, through their experience from consumption of a product or service (in this case: information). It should be incorporated into all marketing activities, materials and communication.

As a business owner, be familiar with the various orientations and the psychological make-up of decisions makers, and carefully lead them. This involves a lot of website communication strategy that involve placement of menu items, buttons and sliders.

In web 2.0, your information architecture and navigation schematics should be based on a decision making process module. Keep in mind that at the present time, customers are going to be evaluating you versus your competitors much more and they want value proposition to be clearly met and dealt with in as little time possible.