A highly under-appreciated or undermined element in a website is content especially in the website development planning phase. The truth is that your entire SEO plan and web design plan needs to start with content laid as the corner stone.

Usually folks have ideas what content need to go into the home page and a few other “important” pages. For the rest of the other pages, the attitude is to “cross the bridge” on getting there.  Why this attitude will not help at all is because these pages may potentially be your biggest SEO friend pulling in the most dedicated leads and allowing you to penetrate into long tailed keywords.

One of the biggest problems content writers face is combining SEO methodology to their readership. The anxiety and fear of having content sound “SEO-like” is scary but the good news is that it does not need to. There are many ways your keyword density can be raised to its optimal level using tricks like WordPress Tags, footer links, image alt tags, hyperlink alt tags and meta-tags.

Content does not only bring in visits and business from search engines but it can guide users to other pages where they may have interest to visit beside the page they are already in. Content with links are very effective as they provide information about the page the links are going out to. Call to action links and buttons, newletters, auto-responders and drip email campaigns all need great content.

Images and colors spark the imagination, layouts and navigational items in a website provide the styles but the true communication really happens with words. Pictures may be worth a thousand words but perfect content structures can lead to sales, bring old and new customers and keep your communication with your community at its optimal level.

So the next time you wonder why you are spending a lot of time on writing content for SEO or outsourcing your SEO content, remember that you are doing it to empower your business. That you are doing it to communicate better, have great SEO plan working and eventually to create a satisfied customer base or community.

Now that you have learned the significance of writing content for SEO, lets delve into the Importance Of Keywords Before Outsourcing A Web Design Project.