When does SEO actually end and how long does it take to do effective SEO?

Your business thrives on exposure and SEO allows you to do exactly that i.e. get great exposure. But there are a few considerations to keep in mind.

Do you have something unique to share (sounds like a redundant question these days), do you have an action plan to keep your visitors view your site and blog better and lastly but most importantly, have you built a readership?

Do you have something unique to share?

Everyone keeps talking about this these days. Share, connect, like etc… I don’t know if I am the only one starting to feel a little crowded around these words these days.

This doesn’t really mean that you need to have found a cure for cancer in order to start writing. Your thoughts, point of view and your analysis of micro-parts about your industry are good ideas to start with for your writing. You do not need to be a ‘Know it all”, it is enough that you just want to participate whole-heartedly and get engaged in a conversation.

Do you have an action plan to keep your visitors view your site?

Flashy colors are the least things you need to think of at this point. In fact work more on better writing but however, the way you present your blog or website should be clean and crisp. Clean and easy-to-read layouts are best. Now that you have someone read your blog or site, do you have a navigational plan in store for your reader after the reader is finished with your blog-post? You want to retain a good number of page-views from every visit and ultimately want them to connect with you. Lastly, do you have imagery to support your writing?

Have you built a readership?

Are you shooting ideas in the wind or actually making your thoughts count?

Amazingly, in the end whatever business you are in, it boils down to one final thing – Humans! No Humans – No SEO – Nada!

This is where your actual contributions either gather a huge reward or become nothing but an effort.  Without people reading your blogs and interacting with you, you are not showing any signs of being an authoritative figure in your industry or keyword. You may have good and unique content but having no one appreciate your work means you are not setting off any human or social signals to search engines as to why you should be #1.

The SEO wheel of Life.

Remember that SEO is that type of marketing, which allows you to reach to an Internet audience through search queries. When your webpage pulls up for a search term, many elements are at play.  The way the SERPs look, the tags, URL and titles. Maps and thumbnails can also be displayed on the SERPs, the click through prompts a page load and then the page displays its content – the layout and content should be meaningful and related to the query.

Your SEO is complete when your targeted audience can be reached, can be communicated to and been able to provoke an interaction. The interaction could be in levels of high or low commitment on part of the visitor.

Low commitment interaction can be a click through to another page, maybe a like, share or comment on the page. They may have higher levels of commitment such as opt in through website forms, appointment scheduling, direct phone/SMS messages or even a physical visit to place of business. You are never quite sure what level of commitment the visitors would want to take so the basic rule is to have all options open.

The SEO process at this point is not yet over; monitoring the results and fine tuning the page for better conversion is the ultimate next step. Branching to other keywords may also be another path to go. So when does SEO really end, it does not end as it a marketing process, it ensues and gets refined with time. Think more of the SEO process as a slow roast-broil process under a slow and steady fire than a microwave process.