It seems inevitable that Google will start following the social implications for ranking websites at an alarming rate.  There are two big reasons why.

  1. Successes of Social Network sites. Search engines want this part of the business. They want more time spent on their services and currently there is more time being spent in Social Media.
  2. Human reasons. Humans can relate better with product, services and ideas better on a social level than any robot can. Humans can manipulate traditional search engine parameters, in social media, there is no manipulation, only good content and good networking.


Impact of SEO parameters

Links: Building links can be manipulated.  Earning links cannot. What is earning a link? Earning a link is done when  put in tremendous effort in writing good content that eventually gets shared and appreciated.

The new SEO path in link building is headed for links being shared in an organic human level, these are the new SEO gold coins.

Co-citation of phrases can act as anchor text. If words are often related to each other such as “SEO” “outsourcing” and “filsupport” in many popular domains, these serve as rank boosters.


On-page: Meta tags and descriptions will have to be used only for bait purposes only – meaning that the tags need to be catchy for a better click through rate.


Content: Writing for the sake of writing means that you will be wasting a lot of valuable time. Content needs to be clever, unique and worthy of being shared or else, it will have not have served any purpose.


Web design and development: Websites that create opportunity for better interaction for the users will be at a slightly more advantageous point.  Websites and portal often allow share and exchange of information. This works hand in hand with link earning.

Websites that also allow better PageViews will earn more favor.  If a website gets several click through, it must be serving some purpose correct?


Network: Writing good content will however not be effective if there isn’t a network to share with.  The unbeatable combination would be Good Content shared to a good network.  As Google shifts to more localized and personalized searches, this will be even more evident.  The generic Google result pages will have fewer importance than before especially in businesses that are very local.