Is your business “hanging out” in Facebook lately?

“Facebook brings sales?” – This must be the new “Hype” of web marketers, right? I mean no one actually purchases on FACEBOOK!”

The above statement was let out on me during a consultation call late last year  when I was doing a web marketing analysis for a Real Estate Agent based out of Houston. I had pointed out that she was missing a vital equation in her marketing: Social Media.

These are normal reactions from many business owners and real estate agents alike. It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out that they haven’t really connected to the new marketing platform lately because they still believe in pot-luck lunches to network and often read magazines instead of attempting to see what other competitors are doing online, especially in Facebook.

Facebook is probably the biggest past time these days for the regular Joe. The average American uses 421 minutes per month on Facebook ( source ). This beats Google, Bing and Yahoo combined. How can businesses refute this platform and be content with what they have?

The most essential elements needed for a great FACEBOOK campaign are:

1 – Offline Promotions and

2- Genuine and Informative Website content

One cannot possibly meet and update 1000 friends and business contacts daily, either you meet person to person or through calls. Emails may end up as spam or may not be read. Calls may be unanswered and messages may be deleted. But if you have the perfect Facebook campaign, your contacts may view your business page almost daily or atleast glance at recent updates happening to your website.

The undeniable goodness in Facebook and social media marketing is that you do not need to sit and wait for customers to visit your site or store but rather you step out and join-in where they usually “hang out.” Once you hang out with them and you deliver your specialty and uniqueness, this modern age of pro-niche marketing will get your audience to absolutely love to hear what you have to say.

Facebook can also be used as a re-targeting tool, where you get new visits from your SEO efforts and before visitors leave the site, compelling messages could get them interested to join your FB page. This allows a web marketer to re-target them to come back to the website.

A simple cost effective and Strategic Internet Marketing service plan could get you started in both SEO and social media.