If you are doing a lot of work online, remember that anyone in the world can do that virtually. The biggest mind-killer that you need to overcome is that outsourcing your online work and task will not result to a drop in the quality you want to uphold. This is the biggest misconception flying around and are usually started by non-outsource or stop-outsource groups who just want you to pay higher for the same service.

Once you have rationally judged your pros and cons of outsourcing, you are always welcome to participate in our trial period.

One last piece of advice that I can give you is that there is a world of difference between outsourcing to Freelancers and outsourcing to FilSupport.

Freelancers are usually not hired by companies like ours because they probably have a serious problem with their work quality or they have  English communication problems. In the outsourcing industry, English communication is the first big necessity or requirement so that our customers feel that we are virtually in the next room. So judging the Philippine performance of outsourcing because of a few bad freelance individuals, is like judging an entire country with only a few citizens.

What can Philippines offer to you, what opportunities can you expect to grab?

Virtual work that can be outsourced are usually :

1. Data entry and encoding

This task is of the clerical and administration type where large amount of data needed to be sorted, filtered, uploaded and updated. Usually this type of data manipulation cannot be done automatically and requires human conditioning. There maybe small parts that you can automate using excel sheets or even web Php programming

2. Virtual Assistance

This involves almost anything that’s doable  remotely. The tasks could involve anything from administration, clerical, marketing, designing or public relations. Its a vast subject but this is another form that’s easily outsourced.

The problem however is that all virtual assistants usually have only 1-2 tasks that they specialize in and cannot take care of all your business needs. i.e.. administrative work and clerical work do not require as much creativity as compared to designing or marketing.

3. Content development

One of the most sought after service, content development is not limited by geographic distance. A few exceptions will rise if the writer is not acquainted with the geographic area he or she is writing about. But as a rule of thumb, any kind of writing can be outsourced and in the Philippines, there are many pens for hire.

  4. Web development and web design

Web technology takes time, designs need time and time is bought cheaper in the Philippines. This is an incredible concept you need to grasp. By outsourcing you arent only saving money but you are also buying a lot of time. You can buy time because the same dollar ($) will drive you further when you outsource.

Philippine web technology is in its zenith, the cultural and language barrier is highly tolerable if non-existent.

5. SEO

SEO takes time. It takes time to prepare the URL structure, takes time to get the right keyword combinations, it takes time to backlink and takes time to develop content. Time is bought cheaper here and thus allows you to get more to the dollar.Seo is also an ongoing effort since there is a limitless pool of opportunities to gain every-time a goal is set and hit.

6. Social Media

Social media is communication via blogs, video, links. Social media needs inventiveness. The color of passports , geo boundaries or cultures should not be your criteria to decide what social media plans you intend to undertake. What should govern your social media plans are inventiveness, technique, passion and purpose.

Genuine Opportunity lies ahead

These are genuine opportunities for you and can save you tens of thousands of dollars each month and each year. If it wasn’t a good option to have, remember  major companies would not have outsourced. They have spent millions into research to know why outsourcing would be an adaptation necessary for financial survival.

With an open heart and an open mind, the limits of  every human endeavor is indeed boundless.