Take Your

  • Website
  • Brand marketing
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Social Media
  • Link Building and
  • Meta Data

and boil them in a pot!


For more flavor, add your company videos and turn on the heat.


If you are handling all of your content platforms correctly, you will see that once the water has boiled over, that the residue tells a story of who you are, what you do, how you do them and why you are better than the competiton!

This is the heart of how your company content should be actioned. Daily we see companies, talk and discuss general and trivial matters. We are all making so much content, that the focus is  getting lost –this only further dilutes and sometimes cannabalizes existing marketing strategies.

Content draws a great number of quality traffic to websites and they can be either blogs, infographics, video, slide presentations, social media content, forum activity and even company profiles posted on directories.


How content affects SEO?

  • When keywords, content and links are aligned correctly, SEO rankings are just around the corner.


How content affects Branding?

  • Content directly brings visitors and customers, they directly influence their perception of your  brand and how people understand who you are, what you do and how you do them.


In other words, your content should not be treated as a SEO necessity only, — think of Content as being the reason why people should prefer you than your competition in all content variations from videos to blogs. Moreover, your SEO and Branding efforts should be rolled into one.


Purpose of Any Content

The entire content process should start by understanding that the purpose of any content is to communicate to the viewers.

In Search engines, users search for what that they need, remember the information your provide like Meta-Data can make turn them a whole 180° and they can be turned into a potential customer, a contact or a referrer of your website.

The purpose of content is not to just get SEO rank, it is also to compete with other sites for more clicks and reputation; Furthermore, the webpage visit should be positive for the reader I.e. you want visitors to

  • request for contact via online forms
  • call the business directly
  • Connect with your Social Media
  • Refer your webpage
  • Sign up for newsletters

The content you generate should be able to satisfy the readers query about you. Creating sensible titles and following them thoroughly with conclusive content is necessary. If you are not making them read, you have not been successful in communicating with them.


The Good Content

Never forget to conclude the purpose of the content. Include your brands story and include your inventory in detail as possible when needed. Good ideas for company content is to add testimonials, short case studies, achievements and results of the companys work.

Remember! – They don’t want  to know where you are located or your  phone number,  if they aren`t fully convinced to contact you in the first place.

The Content should be always be user friendly, they should be formatted better for the readers.

Stay away from complicated sentences that makes readers read twice before understanding its meaning. It should be a “one shot” or a “single read” type of a deal in every sentence .

Also, never forget to

  • Keep their eyes glued to your content.
  • Keep the content pro-friendly (long words, big fonts, web page folds and site design come into factor here)
  • Only stick to your niche and specialization
  • Get to the point of the content (stay away from dilution of ideas)

A chance for a link, is an opportunity to do some content marketing. Never think of just leaving links and NAP (name,address,phone) information of your company behind like most do. Links needs enough content for them to work.  The better the content, the better the link quality.  Moreover, links can send referral traffic instantly to your website if they are made well.


Content marketing is necessary for any SEO and it is one of the main focus of our  SEO outsourcing services. Remember to contact us for consulation on how we can fix and align your content for a Whopper SEO!