Are you only worried about being  on top of Page 1.?  This actually is not just an impractical aim (concluded in the end)  but this could be a major hindrance to your overall SEO.  Chasing only after ranking means you could be cannibalizing your entire SEO and here`s why :

By the nature of Google itself :  The internet is the “information superhighway” and so in this highway comes  good info, a lot of  useless info and then there are some amazingly great info.  Google is married to the “amazingly great info” ideal and will always place websites that adhere to their philosophy.

Google favors websites that are giving. The more you actually help others, so in turn would you be helping yourself.

So if you really want to rank your website high, think about giving and sharing good information and try and hone that towards writing amazingly well written information.  Only chasing ranking usually leads to making premature decisions in trying to being aggressive, which in turn doesn’t look like organic growth to Google and they start looking manipulative. SEO must be carried out and performed in a state of cool, easy and helpful mind.

Instead of thinking about going to page 1 rank 1; wrap your mind about what content to write and what better websites and people you want to acknowledge your content.

Most important thing  to remember is that Google has been battling against manipulative SEO for many many years now and they can smell organic vs. manipulative SEO a mile away. Growing organically means growing slow but steady. Here are some Google Guidelines.

For conversions sake:  The more thought you give into your onsite and offsite content, the more you allow for better sales conversion. We don’t just want to be on the top but we need to make sure that there is a lot of probability for conversion. SEO only for the  ranking will make you compromise your actual “sell-ability” of the overall website.

For building loyalty: Usually an informative website builds loyalty around their costumers and this in turn allows customers to be the  top referrers of the site. Chasing rankings which is a shallow ambition will not make you realize this deep. You have to “Wow” one customer at a time and this is a process that takes years of interaction, value of service and reputation. Wanting to be #1 now means that this concept hasn’t fully been understood.

SEO isnt just about the #1 promised land, its about leaving a trail behind that is  made of good communication, user-loyalty and “sell-ability” of the overall website and actually this is the only true way to get to #1.

We at FilSupport, we don’t just get you to the top by just chasing the high rankings. Contact us now to get you ahead of your competitors.