Fil has a realization today and he is right on the money.  Instead of chasing ranks and focusing on a hundred keywords, he has decided to focus on the only one thing that is guaranteed to give amazing SEO results — i.e. being a thought leader!

What is the Google Guarantee?

The only way to know this is by actually knowing what Google doesn`t guarantee. Here is a link ( Google Warns about SEO companies trying to make guaranteed placement ) . In this link, you can read all about Google`s Policy on guaranteed placement sometimes used by SEO companies to pitch sales.  So are there any guarantees really? — You can go to this video here ( What to do and What not to do to get good placement in Google ) . The video really talks about giving value proposition to internet users, this value proposition is what is also known as “remark”able content or content that`s unique and that which is worthy of remark and has potential to being shared.  In other words,  authoritative content comes from thought leadership.  If you apply your heart and soul into understanding the needs of your customers and delivering the information they need, you are already starting out to be a thought-leader, but you would have to also be able to make sure you have also have a strategy in place where other people are able to acknowledge your work.

The guarantee is that if you continue pushing the envelope further for better content; out-working the other competitors;  in a professional and ethical way, your website or blog will get noticed by not just Google buts its multitude of users.

Why thought leadership works for SEO and Google?

If you find this confusing or if you find that this is a hard concept to understand, I think its much more explainable if you look at how thought leadership works offline.  Training, expertise and experience of a person  tells you how much a person knows about the industry, but what is even more impressive is that not just you, but also many others have this high regard and opinion of this person.  This person is then already thought to have been a sort of a leader.  However, in the internet since the communication is usually more driven through thought — blogging and articles, the tendency is to keep writing more and more about what you know and have more people appreciate that. This is what the thought leader needs to do — create “remark”able content that’s worthy of remark, and to have a following of people. More information here on the social power of Social Media (SEO and Social Media)

This approach works for Google and general SEO because this is where the real promise of internet marketing lies. Google wants to be a part of our good and amazing content-search experience for all its users.

What do I need to be a thought leader?

Although this is a very high aim, it is doable.  The only pre-requisite is experience. Obviously, you cannot be a thought leader if you do not know a little more than just the basics.  Here a few things you will need to work on..

Experience – Cant be a thought leader without any experience.

Niche – Focus on a specific demand of the people. Ex.. if you specialize in Iphone apps more than Android Apps. Work more in where you have the strongest skill-set.

Communication –  allows for relevant topic selection and good follow through writing.

Leadership – opinionated about own and others works.  Good advisory skills.

Analysis – Is able to evaluate, be updated  and to analyze the niche and write for the readership.

Thought leadership has been the only real factor that’s placed millions of pages. This is the real and only way to make SEO work ( read why chasing Google rankings alone wont work ) . A great and fast way to accelerate the ranking process into making thought-leadership SEO work for you is by outsourcing your SEO work,  sketch a plan that will work for you from content generation, visual ideas, social networking and link-earning/building strategies.