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The Stuff We Say: SEO and Internet Marketing Terms

"Confound it, what the heck do these words mean?" Okay okay, we'll help you understand the words us Internet guys use in the industry so you know what's going on in the Internet world.   Internet It's what you're using right now! The Internet is basically one huge network of computers that allows them to…


Beyond the Logo: The Importance of Branding

For those unfamiliar with branding, it's a huge part of marketing. And no, it’s not just about having a logo or telling people what is the name of your business. It goes way beyond that, and the simplest way to describe it is... The Identity When you think of a company, what's the first thing that comes…


The Internet is Your Business’s Spotlight

Another way to bring business to your, well, business is by using the Internet as another medium to let people know. But, unlike other forms of media, the Internet has one big advantage: it’s already a huge part of people’s lives nowadays. With more people getting smartphones and Internet connectivity, it is one big opportunity…

how google can help your business

How Google Can Help My Business!

This infographic might explain what Google really is, and what it can do for your business.   Google's main feature is the search function. It shows the webpages that Google thinks are relevant to what users are searching for.   SEO deals with getting your website at the first and topmost part of this page.…

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Online Marketing: Banner Ads and You

Banners ads, every website has them, but what are they exactly? A banner advertisement or web banner is basically another form of advertising on the Web. Think about those ads you see in the newspaper. They're exactly like that, except better. Unlike those ads that you see in newspaper, you can click on the ad, and be taken to…