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Success Through Online Video Marketing

With the continuing and still growing popularity of video sharing websites like YouTube, people are taking advantage of them to bring success to their own projects. Whether it’s becoming an internet sensation or a pop star, or attracting more people to their website, you can use videos to do pretty much whatever you are aiming…


Do you Need an Email Marketing Campaign?

Need a way to get more customers and keep them coming back for more, all for cheaper than usual? Then starting an email marketing campaign is a good choice for your business. Great email marketing campaigns can get you more clients/customers, and build customer trust and loyalty. Who doesn’t want that? Before we get start…

web crawler

Web Crawlers and How a Search Engine Works

If you’ve been around the Internet for a while you’ll likely encounter the term crawlers or robots, but what are they exactly? Also known as web crawlers, spiders, web indexers, ant and such, these are automated programs that scour the Internet for webpages and then index them. Search engines like Google and Bing created these…


Is Your Website Vulnerable to Negative SEO or Google Bowling?

If you already didn’t know, SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization, which deals with getting a webpage to the top of the SERPS or search engine results page like in Google, Bing or Yahoo. To put it bluntly: Closer to the top = More Views = More Visits = Profit! Now then, negative SEO…

web analytics

Why Every Business Should Have Web Analytics

What is web analytics? Well, web analytics is the collection of data from the internet which is then used to measure a website’s performance. This is really important to website owners and businesses so they’ll know if the website is really working (or not). Through web analytics, they can test features they've recently implemented and which direction…