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Hire someone in-house or outsource?

In-House or to OutSource? For any business, especially as they grow and as they find more and more opportunities in the Internet Market, they are often faced with this problem. Do we find someone or employ someone to do the work in-house or outsource to another company? Having in-house staff for SEO, Web Design and…

rich snippets

About Rich Snippets

Search Engine Optimization is not only about bringing in traffic, but to make searching for information easier. To help with that process, most major search engines have added rich snippets to their search engine results pages to help people find what they’re looking for. How it works Rich snippets  “marks” different parts of a web…


The Impact of Reviews

Information and communication is what’s going on in the modern world today. With the ability to quickly access information as well as read and write reviews from any point with Internet access, it can heavily affect the way a business profits, but how? A common occurrence nowadays is the growing role of mobile phones while…


User-Friendly vs. User-Designed Website

So similar yet oh so different, but it could be the difference between hooking visitors in, or losing them to competitors. A short history Mediocre websites were the norm in the olden days of the Internet but like fads, everyone wanted one anyway. It was new, and people got their website designed for free through…

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The Importance of Receiving Feedback

Receiving feedback is quite important if you want to know if your business is heading in the right direction. Businesses are more likely to fail if they do not know where they are going, which is preventable if they receive some input about their work. The best thing about the web is that it makes…