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Why you should be in Facebook?

  Is your business “hanging out” in Facebook lately? “Facebook brings sales?” – This must be the new “Hype” of web marketers, right? I mean no one actually purchases on FACEBOOK!” The above statement was let out on me during a consultation call late last year  when I was doing a web marketing analysis for…


How our Search Engine Optimization Strategies Work

  Our Search Engine Optimization strategies consist of the traditional and classic styles as patterned by the W3 consortium. All of our SEO methods are organic and 100% white hat. We are huge fans of the net and we stick to the regulations laid down by the search engines. We always keep ourselves up to date on what’s…

Real Estate Virtual Assistance and Web Marketing

Why Hire a Virtual Assistant for Real Estate?

Back in 2005, real estate companies had us busy for the most part and after 2006, we were practically working with only real estate companies, boutiques and agents.  Over 70% of our clientele currently are real estate related, from New York to California. Over these few years, we understood the nature of the real estate marketing…

Robust Philippines Internet Marketing Strategy

Get Motivated Customers Through Re-Targeting

Here’s the first thing you need in making up a healthy internet marketing plan for your business – a flowchart. Most businesses that go on and on doing web marketing are always asking the most important question i.e.  “What’s getting us more traffic?” Two or three sources, like Google, Facebook and Yahoo, will probably reflect as being…